“Lost Girls are from Marburg, Germany and it seems like the external environment of the friendly student city they live in had an influence on their music. Their debut CD EP offers five tracks of well done indie-punk with intellectul nonsense lyrics and some melancholic undertones. The recordings show obvious simularities to North German bands like Turbostaat […], Muff Potter and Oma Hans. They find a good balance between straight blasting punkrock, dissonant indie and slower-paced 90s emo influences. At the same time Lost Girls sound punchy and varied enough to maintain a no frills punk feel and to be more than just a imitation of the previously mentioned bands. Nice!” (Source: Ride A Dove)

Influences: Sonic Youth, Gang Of Four, Wire, Dischord, Rachut, Die Goldenen Zitronen, EA80, The Van Pelt
Key tracks: “Robert” and “Sibylle”


Download Ā»IsegrimĀ« EP