Canadian Rifle

Touring: Nov. 2015 with Auxes

Canadian Rifle is a three membered punk/rock outfit from Chicago, Illinois. They have been recording and touring constantly since their conception in 2007 – continuously covering the United States and Canada, along with a sole European tour in 2009 in support of their first LP, Visibility Zero (Residue Records).

Canadian Rifle plays melodic punk music and have been compared to bands such as Leatherface, Jawbreaker, Husker Du, Hickey, and Wipers. However, they infuse their own unique Midwestern sound into this realm of music. The lyrical content is bleak and abstract, but relatable – dealing with social interaction, removing yourself from reality, struggling with truths and regret, and pushing forward while running on fumes.

Their discography includes three EP’s, two split 7″s (one with American Cheeseburger and one with Zapiain), two LP’s, and a handful of tour tapes. The labels involved have been Dirt Cult, Residue, Taken by Surprise, Squirrel Heart, Criminal IQ, Rock Bottom, All in Vinyl, and Lucky Gator. They have had interviews in Maximum Rock n’ Roll as well as several other DIY zines and local publications, as well as being featured on the cover of Razorcake. They are very hard working and take what they do seriously while never forgetting that everything is actually a joke.

Canadian Rifle is set to tour Europe again in the fall of 2014 in support of their 2nd LP, Deep Ends, which is out on Dirt Cult Records in the US and Taken by Surprise in Germany/Europe. Members of the band have previously toured Europe with their former bands Fourth Rotor and Lone Wolf and Cub.