Auxes was initially conceived as a solo-project with the sneaky underlying idea to quickly transform the “solo-project” into a “real” band; thus, the first LP is substantially different than those following it. Soon after the release of the first LP, and with the help of many varying musicians, the band began touring, writing new songs and generally doing the things that many bands do. In 2009, this eventually solidified into the current Hamburg-based lineup that is the current lineup. Chunks of 2009-2010 exhibited a schizophrenic phase of the band, as Ichkannnichtmehr was written as two separate band lineups – half in N. America and half in Germany – and therefore tours following the release of that album displayed both lineups (though naturally not at the same time). Following the release of Ichkannnichtmehr, the band solidified into a “band” on one common continent with 3 common members. Since that time, the band is now in Hamburg, where it lives, breathes, and, if it must some day, will eventually die.