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We’d like to welcome Tim Kasher (Cursive / The Good Life)┬áto CoCo! We’re starting immediately to book him a super special last minute addition tour! Look out Europe, hello Tim! We’re booking this *now* ! If you’d like to do a show, please get in touch here. Tim Kasher Saddle Creek Records (of Cursive / […]

we will start working on the third european JAN Tour in june very soon. Will be mostly dates in Italy, France and the UK.Please send a mail if you are interested doing a show … More Bandinfos you will find here: JAN

12 June – 22 June will be a Sweet Cobra + Auxes tour. Their first time over to Europe, Sweet Cobra has been the cream of the crop in N America for over a decade. Welcome to Europe SC! If you’re interested in doing a show, please drop us a line!