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Auxes new album “Boys In My Head” (Gunner Records / Fidel Bastro Records) was released on Friday! And their video for “Under Fire” debuted at the same time. Take a look and listen here! Stream the Album Here: https://auxes.bandcamp.com/album/boys-in-my-head Watch the Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZG6Dm0g-QI or by popping over to the official Auxes website: http://auxes.com

Out of Omaha’s music scene around Cursive, Azure Ray and Bright Eyes we’d like to introduce the fresh guitar-driven Indie outfit See Through Dresses being the newest signing of our CoCo roster. A European record (re-)release of their self titled debut album (on This Charming Man) and an associated full tour over here is gonna […]